High Quality Functional Food Systems by DVA


We offer a complete line that includes injection units, marinades, extenders, coating systems, and preservation systems.

Injection Systems


Coating systems

Preservation systems

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Injection Systems

Injecting meat adds instant flavor and moisture to the product. This technique is ideal for seasoning large cuts such as pork, ham, turkey, whole chickens, and others; it is also highly recommended for very dry meats. It involves injecting seasonings, especially liquids (brine, almost always), between the meat fibers.


Systems for marination and seasoning designed for the preparation of brine that will be incorporated into the meat through immersion, massage, injection, or direct application.


  • Increased yield: greater water retention
  • Waste control
  • Increased shelf life by incorporating preservatives and antioxidants
  • Reduced syneresis upon thawing
  • Improved sensory quality of finished product
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Coating Systems

We offer a complete line of coating systems with the following benefits:

  • Limiting oil absorption
  • Limiting moisture migration
  • Stability during freeze-thaw cycle
  • Finished products with better appearance, flavor, texture, and consumer appeal

A coating system includes one or all of the following components: substrate, marinade or brine (wet), pre-breader (dry), batter (wet), and/or breading (dry).

Preservation Systems

High-spectrum preservation systems (natural, synthetic, and their combinations) that offer a direct inhibitory effect on the development and growth of microorganisms in various food applications. Each one is designed according to the needs of a final product.


  • Increased shelf life
  • Free of non-characteristic odors and flavors in the finished product
  • Control of sensory quality of the finished product
  • Specific systems for the composition and pH of the finished product
  • Stability studies and direct effect on specific microorganisms.
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