High Quality Functional Food Systems by DVA


For this sector, we offer solutions for bake-stable fillings, egg and fat replacement, reduced fat absorption, and stabilizers for whipped cream.


Egg and fat

Reduced fat

Stabilizers for
whipped cream

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Bake-stable fillings

Our systems can help you replace pectin used in jams or fruit fillings for pastry, reducing costs without affecting their sensory characteristics. In addition, it includes a preservation system and can include systems to reduce sugar and, therefore, calories in your final product. Each system is specially designed to be applied to your product and meet your needs.

Our systems contain modified potato starch, sodium alginate, salt, calcium chloride, and sodium benzoate. We can include up to 25% of natural, non-caloric high-intensity sweeteners and make any improvements or adjustments to any particular aspect of your product, such as carbohydrates, shelf life, sensory profile, baking, etc.

sistemas de relleno horneable en mexico

Our systems used in bake-stable fillings can withstand temperatures of 180°C for 20 minutes without affecting their rheological properties

Are you interested in our solutions?

Egg and fat replacement, reduced fat absorption

Partial or complete systems for different baked goods, including texture improvers, crumb enhancers, ingredient substitutes, baking powders, preservation systems, prepared flours, and more. We design these applications according to your product needs, ensuring they are delicious, with the softness and freshness that suits your requirements.

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The applications cover pies, tortillas, prepared flours, pastries, and more. The design of these systems will take into account sensory, application, operational, and other considerations as indicated. We provide a complete design process until we achieve your complete satisfaction. Each property is adjusted to the product’s needs, from incorporation into the manufacturing process to storage, distribution, etc., with high stability, solubility, at specific pH levels, and more.