High Quality Functional Food Systems by DVA


We offer product designs that improve the stability of beverages, avoiding precipitation, phase separation, or providing body and mouthfeel to the drink.

Stabilizing systems for pasteurized (not UHT) beverages



Applications in carbonated

Powdered beverages (texture, preservation)

estabilizantes para bebidas pasteurizantes en mexico

Stabilizing systems for pasteurized beverages.

Stabilizers are food additives that enable the maintenance of a uniform dispersion of two or more substances. They prevent the separation of individual ingredients in some foods, keeping the integrity of the product intact.

At DVA, we design formulas to provide body, mouthfeel, regulate acidity, prevent solid precipitation and fat flocculation, avoid phase separation, and maintain product stability during its shelf life.

Preservative systems.

High-spectrum preservation systems (natural, synthetic, and their combinations) that offer a direct inhibitory effect on the development and growth of microorganisms in various food applications. Each one is designed according to the needs of a final product.


  • Increased shelf life.
  • Free from non-characteristic odors and flavors in the finished product.
  • Control of sensory quality of the finished product.
  • Systems specific to the composition and pH of the finished product.
  • Stability studies and direct effect on specific microorganisms.
sistema de conservadores para bebidas mexico

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Mixtures of sweeteners.

High-intensity sweetener systems, both artificial and artificial-natural blends, with flavor masking or off-taste blocking agents for various applications in dairy, fresh, carbonated, and fruit beverages that will reduce or eliminate the calorie content in the final product, which is commonly provided by sugar. The design is tailored to the type of product and sensory requirements.

edulcorantes estabilizantes para bebidas en mexico


  • Reduction or elimination of calories by the sweetness system.
  • Minimal impact on the overall performance of the product.
  • Adjustment of the total level of sugar equivalent in the product.
  • Cost reduction in some applications associated with sweetness ingredients.

Applications in carbonated beverages and powdered beverages.

DVA offers and designs partial or complete (flavored) systems for different types of beverages. This is done from solid concentrates (powders), to be easily hydrated and prepare powder drinks, ready to drink, for carbonated beverages, teas, juices, smoothies, reconstitution-based dairy products or directly applied, milkshakes, hot drinks such as coffee, mocha, etc. Any of these systems is designed according to your needs, giving you a delicious and natural product.

sistema estabilizantes para bebidas en polvo


  • Sensory characteristics according to specific needs to optimize its application.
  • Design of the system according to the required manufacturing and storage systems.
  • Systems that minimize special operation and storage requirements.
  • Adjustment of details such as shelf life, regulatory compliance, etc. according to the specific needs of the product.