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APPENMIX® – Functional Systems for the Food Industry

APPENMIX is a complete or partial system that provides specific solutions tailored to each customer within the meat, beverage, baking, dairy, and sweetener sectors. It can include texture agents, syneresis control, preservation, antioxidants, performance improvement, stabilizers, among others.

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sistemas funcionales para la industria alimentaria cdmx

¿What is APPENMIX®?

  • We design functional systems for the food industry that are tailored to the specific needs of our clients. These systems consist of texture agents, syneresis control, preservation, antioxidants, performance improvement, stabilizers, and sweeteners.
  • We engage with our clients by understanding their actual needs to develop the best functional system, allowing our clients to deliver an improved product to the end consumer in terms of functionality, costs, and quality.
  • Additionally, we provide personalized technical support and training in applications, as well as the development of new products based on market needs and trends.
  • We accompany our clients in all requirements related to design, improvement, and/or cost reduction, from development to implementation, with professionalism and complete confidentiality.

APPENMIX® Solutions – We create innovation


We offer a complete line that includes injection units, marination equipment, extenders, coating systems, and preservation systems.


We offer product designs that improve the stability of beverages, avoiding precipitation, phase separation, or providing body and mouthfeel to the drink.


For this sector, we offer solutions for bake-stable fillings, egg and fat replacement, reduction of fat absorption, and stabilizers for whipped cream.


We have stabilizing and texturizing solutions for yogurt, dairy beverages, and sour creams. We also offer preservation systems and sweetener systems.


Designs made with the synergy of sweeteners that will allow the development of reduced or sugar-free products.

Who we are

DVA is a global chemical company with over 50 years of experience. We develop smart solutions for complex markets and industries. Let us help you improve performance, efficiency, and quality, and together we will forge a better and sustainable future.




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