High Quality Functional Food Systems by DVA

At DVA we offer comprehensive solutions in maquilas for functional food systems, food supplements, nutraceuticals and mixtures of pharmaceutical excipients.

DVA Plants

We have two plants with independent services, facilities with a sanitary finish and easy access to maintain the standards of cleanliness and quality of the products manufactured. With FSSC22000 certifications for the functional systems area and Excipact for the pharmaceutical plant. With ISO9001 for the management system of each site.

Plant Functional Systems


With sieve included, with sanitary finish, in 316 stainless steel and capacities of 1000, 2000 and 3000L.


From 1 to 100 k, with automated metal detector, programmable for each specific product.


With capacities from 10 to 1000L, built in 316 stainless steel and sanitary finish.


…constructed in 316 stainless steel and sanitary finish.