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APPENMIX® - Functional Systems for the Food Industry

APPENMIX is a complete or partial functional system for example texture agents, syneresis control, preservation, antioxidants, yield, stabilizers and sweeteners, according to the specific needs of the sector.



  • We design, according to the specific needs of our clients, functional systems for the food industry that consist of texture, agents, syneresis control, preservation, antioxidants, performance, stabilizers and sweeteners.
  • We engage with our clients understanding their real needs to develop the best functional system and for our client to deliver and improved products to the final consumer in terms of functionality, cost and quality.
  • Additionally, we offer personalized technical support and training in applications to our clients, as well as the development of new products according to market needs and trends.
  • We accompany our clients in all the requirements that arise in terms of design, improvement and/or cost reduction, from development to implementation, with professionalism and complete confidentiality.
Our Solutions

APPENMIX® SOLUTIONS - we create innovation

Sweeteners by APPENMIX®

Designs made with the synergy of sweeteners that will allow the production of reduced and sugar-free products.

  • We offer natural and synthetic solutions
  • Masking aftertaste
  • Applicable to the entire food industry
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Coverage Systems by APPENMIX®

We offer a complete line of coverage systems with the following benefits:

    • Limit oil transfer
    • Limit moisture migration
    • Provide stability to the freeze-thaw cycle.
    • Better appearance, taste, texture, and consumer appeal
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Dairy Products by APPENMIX®

  • Stabilizing/texturing systems for yogurt and milk drinks
  • Conservative systems
  • Sweetener blends
  • Acid creams, stabilizers, and texturizers
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Beverage Solutions by APPENMIX®

  • Stabilizing systems for pasteurized beverages (not UHT)
  • Conservative systems
  • Sweetener blends
  • Applications in carbonated drinks
  • Powdered drinks (Texture, conservation)
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Bakery Solutions by APPENMIX®

  • Tortilla improvers
  • Replacement of fat in bakery
  • Replacement of egg in bakery
  • Fat absorption reduction
  • Fillers for baking (alginates and starches)
  • Whipped creams
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